All our volunteers are lovely people. I appreciate that they care for us and ask us how we are doing. My husband receives a diabetic meal and we are happy to report that his blood sugars are now under control. We are very thankful for your service, and our new friends that care.
— Mr. & Mrs. G
You are a wonderful organization! Thank you for your services, and my caring volunteer drivers. Your organization is greatly appreciated.
— CM
Many, many thanks for your service it has been much appreciated in my hour of need. Bless you all with warm regards.
— VS
Thank you for all you do to help others. I shall forever remain grateful and keep you all in my prayers.
— Sincerely, MA
My Mom said her meal was being delivered just as she was arriving home from a month long rehab hospital stay! We appreciate how well run your organization is. You are the best.
— Sincerely, MB
My Dad needed care – no one denies that… but in a six month battle we tried to prove that the support he needed could be best offered within the context of his community. So far this has been true – but only because of organizations like yours in our community. My husband and I could not shoulder this responsibility alone – we needed help – and you were there for us and Dad.
— Mr. & Mrs. J
Just a note to say thank you for your Meals on Wheels program, and to let you know how much you helped me recover from my recent illness. I had lost 30 pounds after my heart attack and was very weak. There were many things I could not do and cooking was one of them. The meals helped me gain my strength back and made me have an appetite again (which I had lost). Thanks again so very much.
— Mrs. M